Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing
(IIITD&M) Kancheepuram, Chennai - 600 127

(An Institute of National Importance Fully Funded by Govt of India)

Reaching IIITDM Kanchepuram

The Institute is located on Vandalur-Kelambakkam Road at approximately 8 km from Vandalur and 10 km from Kelambakkam.

Nearest Railway Station: Tambaram
Nearest Airport: Chennai (Madras)

From Central:

Tambaram can be easily reached from Central Railway Station either by bus or Chennai Suburban Railway Train. From chennai central, reach Park station (a local suburban station to catch Tambaram bound train) which is 10min walk. At Park station, catch Tambaram bound train and you will reach Tambaram in 45 min.

Bus Nos: 1B, 579, A18, B18, E18

From CMBT:

Plenty of buses available to reach Tambaram from CMBT. You can take any bus towards Tambaram and get down at Tambaram.

Bus Nos:170, 70C, 70V, M70C

From Airport:

The bus stop is just across the road from the airport. If you take any of bus heading Tambaram, get down at Tambaram. All the buses from CMBT and Central RailwayStation pass through this bus stop only.

From Tambaram:

Institute is located in Melakottaiyur (Off Vandalur-Kelambakkam High Road) which is 10km from TAMBARM Railway station. Nearest bus stop is KANDIGAI. Bus numbers 515,517,519,555,115,55k,55D originating from TAMBARAM Bus terminus will stop at KANDIGAI. Our Institute is 1.5km walk from Kandigai. Auto fare from Kandigai to the institute is Rs. 50.
There is exactly one direct bus from Tambaram to IIIT which is 55D which runs every hour from tambaram terminus.
All the above buses will leave from the bus terminus which is close to tambaram railway station.

Bus Nos: 515, 517, 555, 566, 55D, 55C, 115, 55K