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Faculty Profile

Dr Sudhir Varadarajan

Visiting Faculty

Ph.D  :  IIT Madras.
Email   : sudhir@iiitdm.ac.in       Phone   : 91-44-27476366


  • Complex Socio-Technical Systems: Design & Management

Research Interests

  • Complex responsive processes in design and innovation
  • Managing the fuzzy front-end of product/service innovation
  • Methodologies and tools for conceptual design


  • 20+ years with the Indian IT industry in R&D, Practice Development and Consulting
  • Worked with 2 of the top 5 Indian IT firms and one of the earliest software product firms in India
  • Delivered consulting engagements for global corporations from North America, Europe and APAC

Books / Book Chapters

  • Sudhir Varadarajan (2015), Managing Nothing: A narrative inquiry into innovation and leadership in IT industry, (Foreword by Dr.F.C.Kohli), Published by AuthorsUpfront.
  • Co-authored a chapter on Indian IT - L.Prakash Sai and V.Sudhir, (2010), “The Evolution of the Indian IT Services Industry: Global Politics, Government Policies and Growth Pangs” in Eric Fritz (Ed.), Entwicklungsland, Schwellenland, Global Player: Indiens Weg in die Verantwortung, ATHENA-Verlag, Germany"


  • Sudhir, V. and Murthy, P.N., Ethical challenge to businesses: The deeper meaning, Journal of Business Ethics, 30: 197-210, 2001
  • Sudhir, V., Srinivasan, G., and Muraleedharan, V.R., Planning for Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Urban India: A system dynamics approach, System Dynamics Review, 1997
  • Sudhir, V., Muraleedharan, V.R. and Srinivasan, G., Integrated Solid Waste Management In Urban India: A Critical Operational Research Framework, Socio Economic Planning Sciences, 1996

International Conferences

  • Sudhir, V., Within the obvious: Keys to unlock bandwidth in interactions and transform GSNs, Values, Conflicts and Compromises in Organizations, University of Hertfordshire, CMC, 2006
  • Sudhir, V. and Aggarwal, A., Globalisation of IT services: Some conceptual and practical challenges, Presentation made at the workshop on “Grand challenges in services”, organized by Said Business School, Oxford, UK, 18-19 May 2006 (http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/faculty/Sako+Mari/gcs.htm)
  • Sudhir, V., Organising for LIWing: Putting heart into the mouth of a knowledge intensive services firm, Paper presented at Complexity, Science & Society Conference, University of Liverpool, 11-14 Sep, 2005.
  • Sudhir, V., A fundamental principle to rescue innovation, Paper presented at the conference on “Organisations, Innovation and Complexity”, University of Manchester, 9-10 Sep, 2004.
  • Sudhir, V., Supriya, K. and Murthy, P.N., An exploration of the idea of emancipation in Total Systems Intervention, Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Conference of U.K. Systems Society, 7-11 July, 1997.
  • Sudhir, V., Srinivasan, G.S. and Muraleedharan, V.R., Annual Conference of International Society for Systems Sciences, 1994

National Conferences

  • Papers presented at conferences organized by Operations Research Society of India (1994), System Dynamics Society (1995), Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (1995)