Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing,
(IIITD&M) Kancheepuram, Chennai - 600 127

(An Institute of National Importance Fully Funded by Govt of India)

Faculty Profile

Dr. Vijayarangan Natarajan

Adjunct Faculty

PhD  :  Ramanujan Institute For Advanced Study in Mathematics (RIASM)
Email   : n.vijayarangan@iiitdm.ac.in       Phone   : 91-44-27476369

Research interests

  • Applications of Jordan and Lie algebras
  • Number theory applications in Cryptography
  • Game theory


  • Information Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Patent Technology


  • 20+ years of research experience in Pure, Applied and Industrial Mathematics.
  • Presently working - Senior scientist @ Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS).


  • Best Research Paper Award delivered by Ramanujan Mathematical Society, June 2000
  • Design on Military level Information security (June 2005) under the direction of Former President of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • Received a Distinguished lecture award from Los Andes University, Venezuela, December 2010
  • TCS Patent Champion Awards 2011, 2012 & 2013
  • Inspiring keynote speaker award on Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) from Amrita (India) - Malardalen (Sweden) Universities at ICES 2014


  • USPTO Patent Grant: 9183050, System and method for determining total processing time for executing a plurality of jobs
  • USPTO Patent Grant: 8358784, System and method for a secure synchronization between a wireless communication device and a server
  • USPTO Patent Grant: 8670563, System and method for designing secure client-server communication protocols based on certificateless public key infrastructure


  • Foundations of Mathematics ISBN 81 87328 44 4 Published by SCITECH.
  • Mathematical Aspects of Cryptography (lecture notes) Published by Odyssey Technologies Ltd.
  • SSMAC - Digital and Automation E-book, published by MKCE, December 2015. http://mkce.ac.in/ssmac.html


  • Communication Protocols based on CAAA attributes, JDMSC, Vol.14, No. 4, August 2011
  • Complex Krein J* - algebras, Southeast Asian Bull. Of Math., Vol. 30, pp.1-20, 2006


  • A system and Method for Designing Secure Client-Server Communication Protocols Based on Certificateless PKI, Proceedings of ICIW 2011, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.
  • A System and Design of Extensible Authentication Protocols based on ECC and SKE Mechanisms for Mobile and Wireless Communications, ISP2010, 9th WSEAS conference, University of Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela
  • Issues relating to management of Certifying Authority, proceedings of national conference on challenges, SBIICM, Hyderabad, India, Feb 2003