Research Scholar

  • Manimegalai K
  • Advisor : Dr Tapas Sil

  • Under graduation

    B.Sc.(Physics),Cavery College for womens, Trichy

    Post graduation

    M.E. (Communication Systems), M.Sc.(Physics), NGM college, Pollachi
    M.Phil.(Physics), CEG, Anna University, Chennai

    Nuclear Physics - Study of nuclei with extreme isospin is one of the most active area in the research in nuclear physics because by producing and then studying these exotic nuclei (which might be existed on the earth at its origin and decayed since then to the presently available stable nuclei) one can get valuable information about the origin of elements and the universe. For this reason, the focus of the experimental plans in the leading laboratories (like NSCL, RIKEN, GSI, GANIL etc) encompass the production and reaction study of the exotic nuclei. Although these nuclei are constituted by the same ingredients (neutron and proton) as those of stable nuclei, their properties are very much different. From the theoretical side, the challenge is to develop methodologies to calculate reliably the unknown properties (like halo structure, new magic number etc) and to understand their origin in exotic nuclei and have a theory valid for a broader area in the periodic table.