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    The annual Cultural Technical fest Samgatha-2014 was conducted from 29th March to 31st March. The theme of this year Samgatha was “Save women Save India”. The events were organised in order to increase the awareness of this theme. This year Samgatha had 19 Cultural and 11 technical events and distributed around 50000 INR as prize money.

    On the day of inauguration two events were conducted , “Soap”isticated which was soap carving event, the turnout was around 70 people , second event was “How things work” a technical event , in this event the turnout was around 60 people. Samgatha concluded on 31st March with the projection of short films which were themed. This event received lots of appreciation and also marked the end of Samgatha 2014.

    This year Samgatha was sponsored by INDIAN BANK, IIITDM Alumni and Sakthi’s Kitchen Pvt. Ltd. and budget of this year Samgatha crossed over 1, 00,000 INR.

    Other Events include Hostel Night, Ice-cream Night, DMPL (DM Premier League), Dandiya Night (Dance Festival)

Samgatha-2015 Official trailers